Are you a content creator? Are you running your own YouTube channel? We've got an offer for you!

We're looking for ambitious content creators who will help us with the advertising campaign of our website. If you're making YouTube videos and have at least 10k subscriptions email us. Include following informations in the message:

 - Channel name
 - Link to the channel 
 - What kind of advertisement are you interested in 
 - The amount of payment you're looking forward to receive 
 - Your skype ID (for detailed informations, meaning texting not video calls so you don't have to worry about your identity)
 - Phone number (optional) 
These are our advertising campaign suggestions
 - Series of short website video introductions before the video starts (5-10 seconds)
 - Dedicated video focused on describing how the website works 
 - Video introduction before or after one of the videos. Short introduction to the website and scratching couple tickets
 - Advertisement on streaming services
 - Competitions with giveaways for viewers
 * It would be greatly appreciated to combine website dedicated videos with series of video introductions
We're open to any advertisement methods. We care about long and fruitful cooperation with content creators. We have big rewards for the biggest channels!




Skype chat, instant message

Sample video introduction: